Ten, no make that Eleven, Reasons WHY to Build a Small Business


Yes, Steve Pearson wants to be employed. Self employed, that is. I believe the most important question to answer about a decision like this or anything requiring time is, “Why?”

Thank you for reading today’s post. My wish is always to write posts which are informative, interesting and inspiring in some way. Today I want to share a few answers to the “why”, at my age, I get excited about building a new business. By listing some answers, I hope to accomplish a couple of goals. First, sharing my motivation will create some accountability for me. Then I hope to encourage you to answer for yourself why you are devoting time to what you are doing.

I have come to realize that nothing in life happens without a reason. In other words, events and circumstances which may seem odd, challenging or even unimportant at the time quite often offer guidance for future opportunities. Experience, they say, is the best teacher. By now I know myself pretty well. I know what motivates me, what God has shaped me to do, and my values and world view are clear to me.
So, here are 10, no eleven reasons for my “Why?”

1) The years I was owner of Pearson Animal Hospital were the best years of my working life.  I want to experience that again.

2) I have always known that once I retired from practicing veterinary medicine full-time, I wanted to conquer a new and different type of work. I never wanted to completely stop working, I just wanted to learn and master a new area of work.

3) I believe the sum of past experiences in business plus new knowledge and new skills will be a powerful tool.

4) I believe having meaningful work to do is healthy and that working has the potential to lead to a longer and more enjoyable life.

5) I want to add some energy to the economy and commerce. Tiny as my company will be, it is widely accepted that small businesses are the driving force of the US economy.

6) I want to encourage people of all ages to realize the value and the joy of having a job to
perform. Work is a gift from God.

7) I relish a challenge and thrive on being consistent and forging ahead toward a goal.

8) I thrive when I live in a routine, especially a routine which I have created for myself.

9) I am willing to do the work necessary to succeed. Currently, I am in the early to middle
stage of learning a new skill. The number one challenge is choosing a list of logical steps
to get there because there is an absolutely overwhelming body of knowledge to acquire.
And, the internet has placed ALL of the knowledge at my fingertips in a huge, unorganized package.

10) Because I can. I have the time, and it seems I still have my mental capabilities!

11) Extra income would give even more freedom. Part of that freedom involves having the ability to contribute more to God’s Kingdom work by encouraging and helping people who are struggling to make sense of their purpose in life.

What about you? Why are you doing what you are doing?



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