The Journey to the Goal…….


Every muscle and joint in my body was burning and the muscles in my legs throbbed regardless of what position I tried. Switching from one butt cheek to the other no longer gave even short-term relief. Our small commuter jet was nearing the runway of our destination and then a 25 mile drive would be required to get us back home. Thanks to delays and two connecting flights, we had spent seven hours at airport gates, and it was already an hour past our normal bedtime.

There is always a price to pay for traveling to a destination of significant distance. I knew that was true the morning we left home for a few fun days with friends. The truth is, during the days leading up to our departure I was practically dreading the inevitable discomfort. Obviously, I believed the end result would be worth the pain and effort. And it was worth it because we enjoyed a refreshing time and learned a great deal about an area we were seeing for the first time.

Three months into my new career, negative thoughts about the journey to my goal often fight against my will. At times this journey seems to stretch beyond my mental and physical ability. The voice in my head pitches curve balls like, “You could use the extra sleep”; or, “You know you want to go fishing instead of working”; or “There is no guarantee you will come even close to achieving your lofty goal”; and, “As a matter of fact, it is unlikely you ever will get there.”.

I will find myself traveling again soon because experience has taught me how the benefits outweigh the struggles. And, understanding that reality will keep me on this new career journey until I reach the next peak along the way to my goal.  From there I will look back and say, “It was worth the pain and effort to get here.”  So, with encouragement from small victories I will take step after step knowing that even when the steps seem to go backward, they all work together and eventually lead to places nearer to the goal.



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Imagine yourself slowly passing a long 18-wheeler on an interstate highway, and you notice it’s an Alias Van Lines truck. Next thing you know, you’re wishing you could see inside and get some clues about the family involved. Where are they from? Where are they headed? Why are they moving? Sure wish I could know their story. Every family has a story, right? Think of as that moving van. The good news is that you are invited to look inside and look around. Open the boxes marked Faith, Family, Finances, Fishing, Furry Friends. There’s even a surprise box marked Random. Inside each box you’ll find a variety of carefully wrapped treasures. Some you will find to be inspirational. Some with a definite educational slant. And yes, often you will unwrap a downright intimate look into one of those passions that have shaped a lifetime. So, come on in and help yourself. The treasures are created for people like you to inspect, handle, and critique. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to comment. Of course, it’s all free, but if you want to leave a tip, do that by passing along to your friends on your favorite social network. Another place to find me is
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