November 3 is One Health Day


The day has been highlighted to raise awareness about multidisciplinary concept.

That’s a fancy way of saying, “People need to learn to appreciate how different medical and scientific professions are finally working together to address sickness and disease.”

Until recently, disagreements between veterinarians and human physicians were common. The biggest reason for that was lack of communication between our professions.

Years ago when I’d diagnose a case of Scabies , the client’s family doctor sometimes doubted my explanation that the mites on their pet’s skin were likely the cause for the itchy rash they were scratching. Now there is much better cooperation between veterinarians and physicians.

Why does One Health Day matter to you?

  • Scientists estimate that at least 75% of emerging and re-emerging diseases are either zoonotic or vector-borne.
  • As the human population grows, there is increasing contact between humans and wild animals.
  • The human-animal bond is a wonderful thing. But, as it deepens, so does the risk of disease transmission from animals to people.
  • Contamination of our water resources with human and animal pharmaceuticals is a growing concern.
  • By working together locally, nationally, and globally, health professions multiply disease fighting effectiveness exponentially.

What can you do to help?

  • Be aware of the connections between humans, animals, and diseases.
  • Pay attention to reports of zoonotic and vector-borne disease outbreaks.
  • Maintain healthy pets by working with your veterinarian to prevent diseases through vaccinations and parasite control.
  • Realize and appreciate the vital role veterinarians play in human and animal healthcare. Their role will continue to expand in the future.


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