Ten ways to Pray for your Grandchildren


Today’s post is a follow-up to one last week. You can read it here: https://docsology.net/2014/04/08/ten-ways-to-positively-influence-your-grandchildren/

1) For their salvation.

Of course, we all want to live in a way that points our grandchildren to Christ. And, we
would jump at the chance to help them understand the Gospel. But, when all is said and
done, only God has the power and the authority to offer them eternal life. Read John 6:44,
“No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. And I will raise him up
on the last day.”

2) For their safety each day.

If your childhood was anything like mine was, you know the life of a child can be dangerous just because of a child’s inquisitive mind and desire to explore new things.

3) For their physical health.

Places like Children’s Hospital in Birmingham, AL or St. Jude’s in Memphis, TN, serve as
tangible motivators to pray for healthy grandchildren. They also are great reminders to
be thankful for their good health each day.

4) For their education.

Regardless of whether they are home-schooled, in public school or Christian school, we
can pray for their teachers and for them to develop a love for learning. And, these days
we need to pray for our grandchildren to be grounded in the Bible well enough to discern
the truth no matter what they are exposed to.

5) For their choice of friends.

This one probably needs little or no explanation. But, it is one we should not overlook.

6) For their future spouse.

It is never too soon to ask the Lord to place His Hand on the person who will one day
become the husband or wife of our grandchildren. Ask Him to provide a godly mate
for each grandchild.

7) For their relationship with God, especially after they become believers.

There are far too many cultural Christians already. Pray for each one to become
biblical Christians who walk with God.

8) For their parents to have a strong, happy marriage for life.

Can you imagine the vast numbers of children who live in abusive homes, unhappy
homes and broken homes? I doubt that knowing there are many others in those situations
lessens the pain they endure. On the other hand, growing up in a stable, happy, godly home is certain to give a child a tremendous advantage in life.

9) For their grandparents.

Yes, we need to pray for ourselves and how we relate to our grandchildren. And, don’t forget to pray for the “other” grandparents in their lives, too.
10) Place their care and well-being into the Hands of God.

If you have grandchildren, most likely you also have raised children who are now their
parents. So, you know that the goal of parenting ( and to some extent, grand-parenting)
is to one day “turn them loose” to be on their own. There is a TV commercial for senior
citizens (ugh!) that says, “Now you can live alone without ever being alone”. For that reason and a whole host of other reasons, taking time to prayerfully give them to God may be the most important prayer of all.


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