I’m just gonna have to say it……


I read a lot of blogs every week. The ever-growing number of subjects and opinions is staggering.  Someone will offer the internet world with a new subject and/or a new slant every minute of every day.  Personally, I love that!  I cannot help but remember that I began my reading journey in a small book with short and simple sentences about kids named Dick and Jane and a dog named Spot. Where would people of my generation be without them today?

To be sure, I am no skilled or prolific writer today.  But, I am happily working toward becoming just that and the journey is definitely interesting and challenging.  I love that, too!

No one could overlook the importance of the printed word. For instance, in recording things like facts, ideologies, entertainment and, most importantly, the revelation of who God is and His incredible desire to build a relationship with His highest creation we call humans. On the dark side, printed words can be destructive, too. I recently read that 125 people died for every word in Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

These days it’s hard to imagine brick and mortar libraries being the sole source of a concentrated collection of written information.  Oh, I almost forgot the gold embossed tomes of knowledge called encyclopedias.  And the most common method of distribution of those was through door to door sales by university students working a summer job.  Talk about an obsolete form of employment!

As veterinary students during the late sixties and early seventies, we literally fought over every brochure offered in the vendors’ booths at the annual conference.  Now, much of that is seen as unnecessary clutter because of the instant availability of the latest advances in veterinary medicine online.

And, don’t forget “snail mail”! While I was as a student at Auburn, anticipation of receiving a letter in the mail box was real.  Who could have imagined the possibility to communicate with the entire world in a literal instant.

I for one, am happy about the new reality of instant and limitless communication.  I am grateful to have experienced enough years to be able to look back and see how far we have come.  And, I have become enthusiastic about developing writing skills and discovering new avenues to communicate with (I still can hardly believe this part) the world!

Are you ready? I’m gonna say it now.  I now consider myself a freelance writer.


About drpearson3

Imagine yourself slowly passing a long 18-wheeler on an interstate highway, and you notice it’s an Alias Van Lines truck. Next thing you know, you’re wishing you could see inside and get some clues about the family involved. Where are they from? Where are they headed? Why are they moving? Sure wish I could know their story. Every family has a story, right? Think of docsology.net as that moving van. The good news is that you are invited to look inside and look around. Open the boxes marked Faith, Family, Finances, Fishing, Furry Friends. There’s even a surprise box marked Random. Inside each box you’ll find a variety of carefully wrapped treasures. Some you will find to be inspirational. Some with a definite educational slant. And yes, often you will unwrap a downright intimate look into one of those passions that have shaped a lifetime. So, come on in and help yourself. The treasures are created for people like you to inspect, handle, and critique. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to comment. Of course, it’s all free, but if you want to leave a tip, do that by passing docsology.net along to your friends on your favorite social network. Another place to find me is www.StevePearsonInk.com
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2 Responses to I’m just gonna have to say it……

  1. Laura says:

    Way to go, Dad!! Excellent use of vocabulary throughout this post. I especially enjoyed “tomes.” 🙂


  2. drpearson3 says:

    Thank you, Laura. I’m very glad you liked it!


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