This picture is from Word Press and is part of the DPChallenge  to write a creative writing  post based on thoughts provoked by the picture.


The very first thought to flash into my mind when looking at this picture took me 2000  years into the past.  As I inspected the photo more closely, it became apparent that I was looking at a passageway, perhaps a colonnade surrounding a courtyard. Still, my first impression was a powerful one as first impressions tend to be. The title, “Emptiness”, thoughtfully added by the photographer, reinforced my impression.

Within this picture of emptiness I see a reminder of an abandoned tomb where once a body was laid with care by loving friends and family.  I can imagine taking in that scene through the eyes of a dear friend of the deceased named Mary Magdalene who had returned early on the first day of the week to tenderly pay her respects.  Understandably, she was perplexed to say the least at finding such emptiness. Only two days before she watched a large stone seal the entrance to a small cavern holding the dead body of the most important person who had ever entered her life.  His name, of course, was Jesus.

The emptiness she encountered quickly morphed into a greater fulness than anyone could have anticipated.  She learned the tomb was empty because Jesus, the Christ, the Messiah was no longer dead. Now it was her overwhelming joy to spread the news to her friends, “He is risen!”.

When I look into the emptiness within this picture I see a reminder of how Jesus extends to me the offer of victory over death. And that, through faith in Him, I have the assurance of a resurrection into His presence at the end of this life.  So, what appears to be a dark, empty hole, turns out to be the gateway to the Light of the world.

Neither you nor I can ever be “good enough” to earn our way to Heaven. Now that the debt we incurred as a result of sin has been paid in full by Jesus, God has provided one singular Way to Heaven. That is, we must admit to God we are a sinner, believe that Jesus died and rose again, leaving the tomb empty. From there, resolve to turn from a life of sin and ask His forgiveness committing our lives into His care and direction. Then one is ready to receive what the Bible refers to as salvation and begin the journey of growing and learning how to worship God, serve Him,  and enjoy a relationship with Him.

Have you been misled to believe you can earn your way to Heaven? Or that there are many ways to get there? If that describes you, search the Bible and listen for God’s Voice. Then today find a friend who knows Him and ask them to help you find the Truth and begin your journey without end!


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