“APPs To our Health”

imagesWho knew a smart phone was as healthy as vegetables, fruits and vitamins?

Do you ever find yourself  hoping, even believing you might live  100 years?  I sure like to think that way.  I hope you are, too!  But, just making it to the century mark is only half of the goal.  Equally important is to enjoy good health and enhance the odds those years are active and vital.  To put it another way, I want to be happy and likeable and contributing to the lives of other people.  Of course, there’s no way to guarantee life will turn out that way, but we can do lots of things to tip the scales in our favor.

Who could put a number on the categories of “healthy advice” available today?  Much of it is worthwhile.  Some of it is questionable. And some “advice” is just plain dumb!  I still like the old acronym, “KISS”.  Keep it simple, stupid!  How many times do we need a reminder to follow two simple rules? You know what they are: eat healthy and exercise DAILY.  That’ll do it every time.

Today’s post will focus on two free apps I’ve enjoyed for the past few weeks.  These apps have enabled me to convert my smart phone into an exercise accountability partner.  And, with very good results.

StandApp could extend your life AND enable you to enhance your enjoyment of future years.  Did you realize that sitting in a comfortable chair for too many hours at a time will result in serious health problems?  That’s right SITTING DOWN. I challenge you to Google it and see for yourself.  StandApp to the rescue!  You can choose the intervals from every 15 minutes to every 120 minutes and receive a reminder to get on your feet and flex those muscles for 5 minutes.  There are more than 20 short videos to show you simple exercises you can do even in a small space. Remember to open the App when it sends the alert and it will take you to the exercise videos.  Including this step allows the App to remind you in 5 minutes to get back to work. That is, sitting at your desk, at least.  Here is a picture of one exercise I enjoy during the day using a very inexpensive training device.  


MapMyWalk is my second newfound accountability partner.  You can run if you prefer!  This app will track and record your route, speed, time spent on each walk and give you the number of calories burned.  And, yes, it keeps a running total of all these per day, week,  and up-to-date grand totals. Several more capabilities are available, too, like logging you daily food and water, giving you a calorie count.  There are, of course, more services available for a fee.  I know this app works because I have walked several times this winter into a cold headwind and enjoyed doing it.  You’d have to understand how much I despise cold weather to appreciate that one.  Oh, an added attraction is my camera which tags along in my shirt pocket attached to a lanyard around my neck.  Here’s a picture I took on yesterday’s walk.


When using this App, be sure your smart phone battery has a good charge so it won’t die before you finish your route. If that happens you lose credit for part of your efforts.

So, if your work requires a lot of sitting, get up and get moving! Even short periods of simple exercise can add up to a significant difference in living well and living long.


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