What do you believe….and why do you believe it?

When is the last time you took time to evaluate your core beliefs?  What do you consider to be your core values?  Where did those values come from and how did you make them yours?  Are there any core values you need to add, subtract or modify?

Traveling many miles and visiting several cities and venues within the southern half of the state of California over the past several days has afforded me numerous opportunities to encounter an unusually large and varied number of people.  Many of the ones I have engaged in conversation have surprised me with their apparent “adopted” values.

Why is it we seldom ask such questions in daily conversations?  Would it not be interesting to encourage a long-time friend or neighbor or even a new acquaintance to share their thoughts on those questions?  If you bravely step onto such a road less traveled, be prepared to give an explanation for your own personal values and the source of those values.

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3 Responses to What do you believe….and why do you believe it?

  1. Your post got me to thinking, and writing! 🙂

    I have pondered the same thoughts and questions in my mind when we are traveling. Although we have only traveled within the United States, we have met a cornucopia of people with various values, beliefs, backgrounds, hobbies, and occupations. Talking with these people always makes me ponder how they acquired these values and roles in life; and, this quote from Lawrence Durrell rings true; “Traveling also makes me view my life more introspectively.”
    For example, early one morning last summer, Bill and I were standing atop Cadillac mountain in Maine; we would be driving south toward Portland later that morning and just wanted one last look at the view from atop the highest point on the east coast.
    It was a sunny morning as we viewed the small islands dotting the Atlantic water; the sun was so bright Bill decided he needed his sunglasses. Looking into his eyeglass case, there were no sunglasses; Bill started trying to recall the last time he remembered seeing his sunglasses; then I pulled the sunglasses from atop his head and we had a good laugh. 
    An older couple was sitting atop a small rock nearby, enjoying the view as well as a laugh at our antics. After a few moments of laughter, we began chatting with this couple. Our conversation revealed that he and his wife live in Portland, Maine and frequently drive to Acadia National Park. He later revealed that his name is Eugene Elcik, and he is writer; he recently completed his latest book, “The Lobsterman of Deep Cove.” He was delightful and we made a mental note to read his book sometime. I asked him where he draws his inspiration. He said he gathers ideas for his writings by traveling, and talking with people! He commented on our southern accents; perhaps he will incorporate a crazy southern couple into his next writing. Our chance meeting with Mr. Elcik also made me look introspectively and wonder if I could have been a writer!
    Another example, a few years ago, we were sitting around a long, beautiful dining table enjoying breakfast with a group of strangers. We were at a Bed and Breakfast, the Flora Vista Inn, located near Santa Cruz, CA . (http://floravistainn.com) The beautiful country house was situated on a few acres overlooking a field of strawberries and flowers.. A short stroll down the street lead to the waters of the Pacific coast.
    The previous evening, the owners had informed all of their guests that they would be attending a family engagement that evening so we would have their home to ourselves until 10:00 pm or so; they assured us, however, that hot pancakes would be ready for us early the next morning.
    As we enjoyed our pancakes with these strangers, conversations revealed personalities and lives of these individuals. One couple had their teenage daughter with them and were leaving out that morning to attend student orientation at University of California in Santa Cruz (whose mascot, incidentally, is, of all things, the Banana Slug.) (http://www.ucsc.edu/about/mascot.html) I inquired about her planned studies and she said she wanted to be a marine biologist. I commented that I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to “Be” when I grew up and asked her how she arrived at her decision; She said her family had spent their entire life living along the California Coast, and she loved biology, so a marine biologist was born. Once again, it made me look introspectively, and made me wonder if I would have considered being a marine biologist if I had grown up close to the sea! Hmmmm. After all, I always had a great interest in biology since childhood, and later in life discovered my love of animals of all kinds.
    Another couple at the Inn had driven up from LA; her name is Alysia Gray. She is a blogger for NBC in Los Angeles. (www.nbclosangeles.com/results/?keywords=%22Alysia+Gray+Painter%22&byline=y&sort=date) Later she would be writing about their stay at the Flora Vista Inn. Once again I pondered over my occupational choice of Project Control Analyst! Oh, what a FUN job to write about your travels!!
    The people I have met while traveling and the resulting introspection reminds me of something I was aware of, but had forgotten; which is, we only “know” what we are exposed to in our life. That is a great lesson to remember, in many contexts of our life. For me, this lesson emphasizes the importance of looking far and wide before deciding on an occupation; perhaps it would be best to volunteer to work alongside “experts” in various fields before we decide on our own occupation. Of course, the most important application of the lesson that we only “know” what we have been exposed to in our life is this: The importance of us sharing The Gospel of Jesus Christ with whomever we meet!
    Travel Quotes:
    Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.-Lawrence Block.
    Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings.-Hodding Carter
    The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – St. Augustine
    The world is a country which nobody ever yet knew by description; one must travel through it one’s self to be acquainted with it.- Lord Chesterfield


  2. I usually don’t have much to say; I think I just really enjoy talking with people from different places and seeing how they live.


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