What does your safety net look like?

I get an interesting e-mail called “Market Place Newsletter” five days a week.  I enjoy it because of the wide variety of often thought-provoking subjects covered.  Check it out here if it sounds like something you might enjoy.

Recently an article called “Show me your safety net” appeared and the editors asked readers to answer their challenge.  Hence, today’s post. 🙂


Immediately my mind “peered downward from the trapeze of life” to try to articulate my own personal “safety net”.  I am grateful for this challenge because what I see as the “rope” I cling to sways back and forth between the landings of birth to the cemetery actually gives me a lot of assurance.

By virtue of thinking like a man, solid, visible and practical things come into focus quickly.  We have insurance on our house, cars, medical care and even coverage for nursing home care if it is ever needed.  The perplexing thing about insurance is how we spend so much money paying dearly for something we hope we never, or at least seldom need.  But, is that not precisely true of a safety net cautiously spread out below a well-trained and experienced trapeze artist?

Prolonging the inspection of what’s below soon reveals more.  All of us could go on and on about those tangible safety nets which are available for purchase.  But, there are other, more interesting nets waiting below.  These nets cannot be purchased.  Although not as palpable, they are far more reliable than nets available for a monthly premium.  These nets offer reliability beyond that of even income from work, investments or other sources.

With sincere gratitude my “mind’s eyes” can see a safety net called family.  Let me be clear.  We raised our children to be highly independent and today they are very much so.  And, at the same time, as parents of adult children, we value our own independence.  And here comes that powerful little conjunction, “but”.  But, each of us (soon to be 19) knows we are “there” for each other for when a “flip on the trapeze” results in a fall of some sort.  That’s what safety nets are for.  To allow us to try out our wings and swing high while improving our skills on the pendulum of life.  Like insurance, we hope we don’t have a potentially catastrophic occurrence putting the net into full action  It’s just so assuring to know it is there if needed.

Then there is the greatest safety net of them all.  The safety net of faith.  Not faith in ourselves or any other person or group.  This safety net is founded on Promises made by our Creator which have been clearly communicated to us in a book we call the Bible. This is a safety net we most definitely will want to use.  Not just at the end of life.  We need this one all day, every day.  This one will be there even when all the other tangible and intangible nets are gone.  Do you have that Net below you as you swing and flip and fly?  It has already been paid for by Someone.  Even if you don’t yet know Him, He has already made the payment in full.  He did that because you cannot pay for it, earn it or even inherit this safety net.  Each person is required to receive his own, personal safety net from Him.

As you look down from your own “trapeze of life” what does your safety net look like?


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1 Response to What does your safety net look like?

  1. Lauren says:

    I didn’t truly understand what the safety net of faith was until a few years ago when faith was ALL I had. It gave me a greater appreciation for who God is and just how much He loved me! The Bible tells us to live by faith and not by sight. That is my daily goal.


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