Adult Children’s Day…



By Monday morning both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day 2014 will have come and gone. Simply being a Dad carries more than enough rewards of its own without any special recognition. Of course, that’s not to say we don’t appreciate hearing “Happy Father’s Day” each year.

If it were up to me, we would add “Adult Children’s Day”. I bet the greeting card folks would go for it! But, seriously, I want to show a little love for our three adult children. And, at least for 2014, their special day will fall the Friday before Father’s Day. So, “Happy Adult Children’s Day” to Laura, Matt and Julie!

Rather than writing special things about each of them, let me list some characteristics true of each of the three that I am particularly grateful for and that encourage me.

1. They have a strong and growing relationship with God through their faith in Jesus Christ.

I know this is true from questions and comments during conversations with them.

2. They are teaching and leading their children to have the same relationship.

They are accomplishing this in various ways, but they are all practicing the best method.  They teach it by example and talking about spiritual matters in a natural setting; at home.

3. They each love their own family and give their spouses and children priority in their lives.

We raised three independent children. They know we are here when they need us. But,
as their parents, we have now moved down the line on their list of priorities. That’s most
advantageous for them and their families.

4. They are making a positive contribution to our culture.

Each of them have spheres of influence in three separate states of Georgia, Alabama and
Arkansas. Their positive influence is not limited to where they live because they each
have learned how to effectively use social media. They each write extremely good content
on their blogs and share uplifting pictures and comments on Facebook and Twitter.

5. They live with integrity.

Each one has a good reputation.

6. They keep the lines of communication open with their parents.

Because they live in three different states, it is very difficult to get all 19 (soon to be
20) of us in the same place at the same time long enough for a group picture. Thankfully,
we communicate often by phone and even Facebook. One of our favorite family
activities is group texting during Auburn football games.
7. They always say, “I love you” at the end of every conversation.

Maybe we don’t always agree. And maybe we get a little “sideways” sometimes. But, we all love each other unconditionally. We got that trait directly from our Heavenly Father. Unconditional love does not come naturally to human beings. It only comes from Him.



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