Your New Business is What?


What led me here?

Those reading the past few posts know how allusive I have been about my new career/business. I do hope some of those posts were at least a little intriguing and prompted some new thoughts. If you read the last four, you are my friend indeed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

First, allow me to set the stage with a little background which helps explain how my previous career in veterinary medicine has led me to a particular next career choice.

Every Life Event Serves a Purpose….

There is one consistent requirement for practicing veterinarians that most people would never think about. Yet, not a day goes by in practice when this activity is not critically important. In fact, every case, no matter how routine, requires the same activity. During the years before computers were available, I developed a rather prominent callous on the side of my middle finger by repeating it all day long day after day. Yes, I am referring to writing. Writing case notes for every patient seen each day.

Accurate and descriptive case notes are so important they actually become legal documents. Of course, those written records are indispensable to individual pet health care. Naturally, maintaining good notes requires one to develop a certain level of communication skills. Each case presents a variety of data. In written form that data paints a picture of the level of health present in each patient at the time of an examination. Putting the data into words helps the attending doctor see the big picture. Seeing the big picture enhances diagnostic accuracy and raises the likelihood of applying the best treatment choices. Obviously, those notes also hold great value for healthcare in future visits for the life of each pet.

The value of writing case notes for patients as preparation for a new career was not apparent to me until recently. In fact, I realized it long after I noticed a strong attraction to a career as a freelance writer. I am a firm believer that everything in life serves a purpose. Now I can see how there is a definite connection between my first career and the present one. It all began with this blog I named . The more I write, the more enjoyable it becomes for me. I have learned a great deal about writing and the seemingly countless avenues available to pursue as a freelance writer. Blogging and writing a book are two obvious options a freelance writer would naturally consider. Then, I discovered, while reading a blog post by a woman in Australia, a writing career I possibly would have never considered. She described her home business career as a professional copywriter.


What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter produces content intended to connect businesses who offer a product or service with customers or clients who will benefit from those products or services. Those customers and clients may be people or  businesses.  To me, that is the heart of free enterprise.

Since discovering this profession through that Australian blog post, I have realized that working as a copywriter is as diverse as working in the fields like electronics or engineering. The possible paths are too numerous to count! After a couple of months of research, I found an organization which specializes in online education of freelance writers interested in copywriting. This organization offers a huge array of online courses, webinars, daily e-mails, e-books and more which is all dedicated and focused on copywriting.

Thousands of copywriters work as employees of corporations and large businesses, but my desire is to work as an independent company and work from home.  My next big step is to choose a niche within the world of copywriting.

Education is the Key, of course!

Currently, I am in the midst of a 5-part basic online course which is allowing me to understand the big picture of the copywriting world. Along with that study, I am working toward crafting an attractive and informative website. When finished, it will serve as a connection to potential clients.

What about

I realize this post is quite personal and a little out of the norm for my docsology mission of writing about my passions of faith, family, finances, fishing and furry friends. I plan to continue writing here, too, because it is so enjoyable for me, and I sincerely hope it is fun and inspirational for you, too.

If you’d like to leave a comment, the place to do so is at the bottom of the page.


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5 Responses to Your New Business is What?

  1. Brian Rodgers says:

    think you are going to be great. I am excited about the avenues and adventures in front of you with this change of career. Most of all I am sure all who contract your services will be well pleased.


  2. Talitha Culver says:

    I think you will be great as well, Steve. The daughter of very good friends of mine, actually left the practice of law to do this very thing. She actually made more money on the side writing than she did as a young lawyer in her firm. She is quite a do it your-selfer and ghost blogs for Home Depot and twice now has been published in the Washington Post. Your words may be heard around the world. Exciting!


  3. Gonna be great, dad! Go for it!


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