So, You Think You Want to Work From Home?

Finally, I’m sitting at my desk writing today’s post. That’s the good news. The bad news is the reality of the reading on the clock. I awoke at 5:00 AM and actually wanted to get right up and begin my day. By the time my feet hit the floor, it was 6:01 AM. The disappearance of the following 3 hours almost defies explanation. I know I began the day well by spending quality time with God, studying His Word, and praying. Next came the quick routine of frying three eggs in olive oil while the wheat bread browned in the toaster. About that time, Connie finished her shower and strolled into the kitchen with her pleasant and welcome smile. Of course, I wanted her to show me the pictures on Facebook of three of the grandkids’ recent activities. And, seriously, I wanted to hear what new ideas had taken root in her active mind earlier this morning. All very good and worthwhile activities indeed. But, then the clock read 9:05 AM.


According to , more than 16 million people work from home in the USA. And this number will grow by 64% within four years. A hefty percentage is represented by non-employer entrepreneurial jobs. So, the chances seem pretty good that either you are already working from home or you are seriously considering doing so in the future.

Yes, there are realistic challenges to effectively working from home. The majority of those challenges are related to unplanned interruptions. However, consider one alluring advantage of working at home. It’s all about freedom. For instance, freedom to add working time to the end of the day to reclaim time used otherwise in the early morning hours. The good news for me today: there is no NCAA football game on tonight which would likely be irresistible! Anything standing between me and an 8-hour workday can be overcome with a little self-discipline to work after dinner tonight.

Still, I have to admit, the thought of following rigid hours for various work activities has great appeal to me. I am already working on a post suggesting ways to stay on the job at home.

Send a reply and give me some ideas!




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