Negative Attitude vs. Never Give Up

Thank goodness for children’s books like The little Engine that Could  which encourages positive thinking with lines like, “I think I can, I think I can”.  We naturally assume that positive thinking is the antidote for negative thinking which gives birth to a negative attitude which typically leads to negative results.  And, of course, we expect positive thinking to give birth to a positive attitude and, yes, positive results.

But, is there another, success-enhancing ingredient in the gourmet recipe for positive results? Italians have discovered long ago the secrets of adding tasty herbs to recipes resulting in a scintillating awareness of all the ingredients. Does the conviction to “never give up” enhance positive thinking in a similar way?  Aren’t we inspired when sports teams win with that added conviction? How could that conviction be applied in an organization? A career? A marriage? A family?

What would you add to the list?


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Imagine yourself slowly passing a long 18-wheeler on an interstate highway, and you notice it’s an Alias Van Lines truck. Next thing you know, you’re wishing you could see inside and get some clues about the family involved. Where are they from? Where are they headed? Why are they moving? Sure wish I could know their story. Every family has a story, right? Think of as that moving van. The good news is that you are invited to look inside and look around. Open the boxes marked Faith, Family, Finances, Fishing, Furry Friends. There’s even a surprise box marked Random. Inside each box you’ll find a variety of carefully wrapped treasures. Some you will find to be inspirational. Some with a definite educational slant. And yes, often you will unwrap a downright intimate look into one of those passions that have shaped a lifetime. So, come on in and help yourself. The treasures are created for people like you to inspect, handle, and critique. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to comment. Of course, it’s all free, but if you want to leave a tip, do that by passing along to your friends on your favorite social network. Another place to find me is
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