Where have I been?

To those of you who actually read my posts let me say, “thank you” and apologize for such a long absence.

Since returning from Italy, life has been full and enjoyable.  There is nothing to compare with the blue skies of October and early November and my deep-seated desire to be outdoors soaking up the last strong rays of sun before winter arrives has prevailed.

I doubt even Mark Twain was able to adequately describe the array of truly iridescent colors of Autumn leaves, so I wont even try.  Not only do the colors overwhelm the senses, but the pleasant woodsy scent and the shimmering reflection on the restless surface of the river offer a spectacle to remember all year-long.

Rather than running the risk of boring you with a list other activities occupying my time lately, I will just admit that being outdoors as much as possible during this glorious time of year has prevented the writing of any posts in recent weeks.  But, the weather forecast for the week ahead looks perfect for time indoors.  I hope to do a better job of keeping you “posted” in the future.


About drpearson3

Imagine yourself slowly passing a long 18-wheeler on an interstate highway, and you notice it’s an Alias Van Lines truck. Next thing you know, you’re wishing you could see inside and get some clues about the family involved. Where are they from? Where are they headed? Why are they moving? Sure wish I could know their story. Every family has a story, right? Think of docsology.net as that moving van. The good news is that you are invited to look inside and look around. Open the boxes marked Faith, Family, Finances, Fishing, Furry Friends. There’s even a surprise box marked Random. Inside each box you’ll find a variety of carefully wrapped treasures. Some you will find to be inspirational. Some with a definite educational slant. And yes, often you will unwrap a downright intimate look into one of those passions that have shaped a lifetime. So, come on in and help yourself. The treasures are created for people like you to inspect, handle, and critique. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to comment. Of course, it’s all free, but if you want to leave a tip, do that by passing docsology.net along to your friends on your favorite social network. Another place to find me is www.StevePearsonInk.com
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3 Responses to Where have I been?

  1. Connie says:

    I love all of your adjectives, but I love even more getting to take life’s journey with you. You’re my favorite. 🙂


  2. Lauren says:

    Yes, the weather has been really nice these past few weeks for various outdoor adventures, but as ironic as it may sound, the coming cooler months is when we like to go camping and hiking, building fires in the backyard in a make shift fire ring. So Ken and I have some adventures ahead of us soon!


  3. Hurry Back to Writing!


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