Do you remember the TV show “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” with Robin Leach? It was a very popular show for a while thanks, apparently, to people’s fascination with rich people, their homes, cars, boats, travels and whatever seemed to prove their lavish lifestyles.  Click here to view a clip of Robin Leach in a 1989 promo about the show if you’re interested.

A friend recently answered my plea on Facebook for interesting blog post subjects.  That first response is the impetus for today’s post and hopefully, a series of posts on the subject of “Journeys with God”  Connie’s first question for me was, “ Do you mean actual trips or do you mean a spiritual journey?”  My answer, “Yes!”  My goal is to convey how much more exciting and fulfilling a journey with God is than being rich and famous.

My right brain logic tells me to begin with the most recent “trip” to Kabwe, Zambia on the African continent.  You can find some interesting stuff about the city and country here.  I boarded the plane that morning confident I had more than enough clothes, snacks, reading material, Pepto Bismol and legal documentation tucked away in two carry-on bags for the ten-day mission.  But, although there was a general picture about our mission floating in my brain, the one missing matter was, “What will I be doing once on the ground?”   Aha, there lies a lesson learned along the way on my spiritual journey with God.  He reveals His detailed plan for me one day at a time.  I’ve come to be happy with this characteristic of His even though my logical mind would prefer at least a month ahead type of schedule.  Obviously, His way is much more challenging and exciting.  One word of caution: His general will for me is clearly and consistently revealed in His word, the Bible.  The more we read, study, understand and trust His Word, what we will and will not be doing in the short and long-term future becomes predictable.  That’s exciting, too.  Think about the freedom from constantly micromanaging your life!

Back to the trip.  Arising early after a 32-hour journey, we arrived at our home base which was, of course, a local church.  After a lively and enthusiastic worship service unique to my African brothers and sisters, our leader suggested working with the drama and puppet team was the place for me.  Being the flexible, experienced mission team member that I am, this quickly became my focus and I engaged myself in learning the routines.  My family would surely enjoy a video of such a thing!  Because it would be a few hours before the drama team headed out to various locations, after practice I naturally gravitated over to the tent beside the church which housed the medical team.  There tried making myself useful by assisting with unpacking and sorting medical supplies.  Since I had not seen anyone preparing to speak with patients about spiritual matters like prayer needs and salvation, naturally I asked the question.  To my surprise and delight, no one was enlisted to take that role.  Insert “spiritual journey”.  God frequently enriches our lives with unique and unforeseen delightful surprises.  Check out Psalm 37 verse 4 in your Bible. In reality, it was obvious from the practice session with the drama team, there were plenty of folks available well suited to that ministry.  So, guess who was blessed with speaking with 291 patients as they exited their appointment with the doctor.  Some were already believers and allowed me to pray with them for various needs.  Some were a little indifferent to this alien in their midst.  Then some were people whom God had prepared in advance to be touched by His Word, to gain new understanding that Jesus died and rose again for them personally. Thus opening the way to their journey with God without end.

Has your personal journey with God begun?  If not, do you know where to begin?  You can’t buy, earn or win a spot on that plane.  You can only receive it directly from Him.

If you have begun the journey, are you alertly looking for His delightful surprises along the way?

IMG_4255 copy medical clinicZambia  5:2013


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