Why go on a mission trip?

Later this week I will board a plane bound for Zambia, Africa.  The eleventh international mission for me counting the four-year-long assignment to Ecuador.

So, why expend all that time, effort and revenue hopping around the globe when the needs, both physical and spiritual, continue to increase right at home?  Very good question!  Though there are many, below I list ten rewards waiting to be claimed by those who say “yes” to a mission trip.  As you read, please insert your own name wherever you see the pronoun “you”.

  1. Such an experience will broaden your world view and open a deeper understanding and appreciation for people who are “different” to yourself.
  2. Paradoxically, you will be surprised by the similarities present in all people no matter their surroundings, culture or language.
  3. Reasons number 1 and 2 allow you to become a more interesting person.
  4. Throughout your journey you will experience new challenges which will stretch your limits and teach you how to deal with various discomforts not encountered at home in familiar territory.
  5. Although it’s a worn out phrase in “mission trip” jargon, the sooner you learn to be flexible, the happier the whole experience.  In other words, expect the unexpected and remember Who is in control.  This ability can prove to be an advantage for you when you return home.
  6. Somehow sharing Jesus with people who need Him becomes less daunting in a foreign land whether it be by words or by action (hopefully both!).
  7. Practice leads to improvement and the same is true for being an effective witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Your improved ability will come back home with you.
  8. All that knowledge you have accumulated through Bible studies, Sunday School lessons, sermons and various other training will find a place for APPLICATION in real life situations. And all those distractions in your life back home find themselves put on hold and powerless.
  9. You will find joy in your obedience to the Great Commission which Jesus gave to each of us who are His followers.  If the opportunity is presented to you and no real obstacles prevent you from going, He has already commanded you to go.
  10.   Number 10 is a warning.  Upon return you will have a desire to go again!

What would you add to the list?  How would you express any of these differently?

As always, your feedback would be very valuable to me!


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