Saving Money on Vet Bills


You may be surprised to read the title of today’s post knowing it’s written by a veterinarian.  The reality is that I got the idea from a recent story on Yahoo.  I recommend you check it out at the link further down in the post.  Obviously, I am enthusiastic about the truth that money, and we are talking significant money, can be saved on vet bills for your pet by following the advice in the article.

I remember two little Yorkies which belonged to an elderly lady who had recently moved to Alabama from South Carolina. Yes, those three had bonded years ago and there wasn’t much either of them would not do to keep the others happy.  On their first exam it was painfully clear both pets had a serious medical issue.  Not only could the problem be seen; there was an all too familiar odor associated with it, too.  If you haven’t guessed it by now, they had terrible teeth and the predictable gum disease that always develops as a result.  Their owner was not negligent.  She obviously cared for those “babies” of hers.  I know she did because she spent a lot of money for extensive teeth cleaning, extractions, antibiotics and pain medicine.  The real problem was that she was uneducated about preventive dental care.

February is pet dental health month. The basic reason for having such a month set aside is to educate pet owners about the importance of preventive dental care.  Aside from the obvious effects of deficient dental care, organs like the heart, kidneys and other organs eventually suffer from dental disease.  The degree to which these problems arise varies with breeds, so talk with your vet about your pet and the dental care he or she recommends.

Please click  here to read the Yahoo page and some of the excellent links within the page.

Enjoy the read, the extra money you saved and those pretty teeth.  And don’t forget, the pleasant breath!


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2 Responses to Saving Money on Vet Bills

  1. jennifer says:

    We were just discussing today if we should get Lily’s teeth cleaned…


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